Tilly (not for sale) - sure can tell she is 50% French Bulldog, 50% Boxer - such a sweetheart.  She is kind, barks very seldom! Tilly is an excellent mom, she passes her wonderful personality on to her pups.  Excellent results of her genetic testing are below...she is a great match with Louie!

                                      Tilly's Genetic Testing was excellent..... Tested both as a Boxer and a French Bulldog being 50/50.

ARVC - n/n

CMR1 - n/n

DM - n/DM  Two copies of the Degenerative Myelopathy mutation are needed for a dog to be affected by this condition, so Tilly will not show disease signs due to this mutation. 

HUU - n/n

JHC - n/n