Shipping is available - Flights through West Jet are between $250.00 to $285.00,

so with purchase of crate and cost of delivery to airport - I charge a flat rate of

100.00 above the cost of flight. I use your $400.00 deposit, to book

and pay for flight!  Sometimes flying is a better option than driving on our winter roads!

If we are flying your pup,

"unfortunately you will not get the puppy kit" (has no monetary value,

no credit will be given!).  Please pick up a supply

of "Royal Canin Puppy" - "maxi kibble" this will be great for their teeth.  If you want your new

puppy to thrive, do not change his food for a while and then mix off with the new brand! 

Getting Royal Canin will help your puppy not miss a  beat.  They are introduced to the dry at 2

weeks and do very well on it.  If you feel the need to change, please mix to introduce and

please do not do it, until long after he/she has settled in...........