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 Shipping is available - to Canada, and the USA

for Canada:

I arrange the Flight through West Jet which is between $375.00.00 to $400.00,

I charge a flat rate of 100.00 above the cost of flight, that pays for the crate and travel.

I will use your $500.00 deposit, to book

and pay for flight! The above expenses are added to the final price of pup,

to be paid prior to pup boarding plane. 

Sometimes flying is a better option than driving on our winter roads!

for USA:

Due to the USA border crossings requiring dogs or pups to have had their

rabies vaccine in their system for 30 days before entry into the States,

the puppy must remain with MM Prairie Kennel two more months.  At 3 months

pups are allowed to receive a Rabies vaccine, we take the pup to Vet for this

and an ID chip is implanted.  A fit to fly certificate is needed prior

to flying, but if crossing by land, it is not necessary.  Charges would be $150.00

for board/travel, Also the Vet Charges for Vaccine and Chip (??)  I usually let the customer

hire and make the travel arrangements as there are so many options.

All very doable if you fall in love!


If we are flying your pup,

"unfortunately you will not get the puppy kit" (has no monetary value,

no credit will be given!).  Please pick up a supply of "Royal Canin Puppy" - "medium kibble"

this will be great for their teeth.  If you want your new puppy to thrive,

do not change his food for a while and then mix off with the new brand! 

Getting Royal Canin will help your puppy not miss a beat.  They are introduced to the dry at 2

weeks and do very well on it.  If you feel the need to change, please mix to introduce and

please do not do it, until long after he/she has settled in...........

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