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MM Prairie Kennel - Miniature Boxers are here in Canada!


MM Prairie Kennel is so excited to beable to offer you a Boxer, but in a smaller form.  

These are crosses and are not purebred.


 With the help of Lsc Miniature Boxers, I am able to offer 2nd generation to 5th generation pups!   

The size reduction makes them eligible for people who live in restricted condo's as their weight is between 25-50 lbs.  


We have strived to keep the Boxer in the Mini Boxer!  


Research shows that there are many different breeds that breeders can us be to make the mini boxer.  LSC Ranch in Lavina, Montana and MM Prairie Kennel use a Boston Terrier or French Bulldogs to shrink the frame size, but keeping that great personality of the Boxer.   As with most crosses - these dogs will have less health risks in general.  Smaller frame minimizes the risk of hip dysplasia.  Health testing is a priority of MM Prairie Kennel! and is continuous!

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