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Once you have decided you would love one of MM Prairie Kennel's puppies:

Your puppy  will have had a thurough check over by Veterinarian.... At that time the pup will receive its first vaccination, you receive a copy of the vet report.  This report has important info you will need to set up the next two vet appointmentss to finish the vaccination process.

I fill this contract in from the info you have put in the adoption form and bring with me, when you pick up  your new family member, or if flying your pup I will send via email and have you sign and return.

The Puppy kit (no monitary value)


Most common questions  asked:  How much do you feed the puppy - your puppy has been on free choice, meaning I leave the food out all day - I personally feel this makes them less food obcessed, something they don't have to worry about.   This though is totally up to you.

If you are going to crate train start immediately, first night!  No food or water in crate.   Straight outside first thing!

Neutering/Spaying - please leave as long as possible.  Your pup will be physically stronger/healthier for life.  If you neuter early, your pup will grow taller/bigger than if you leave intact to 10 months or longer!   Of course every situation is different and do what you can!  Vets push to do early.......... I don't reccommend it!   Lots of research on the Internet on this topic!



Puppy food to buy:

This is the food your puppy has been eating since he/she was about 3 weeks old...

MM Prairie Kennel - also gives you the Breeders Code to set up: One Month free Pet insurance through Trupanion



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