Miniature Boxer

LSC Louie Blue

LSC Louie Blue - Louie is an unusual color Golden Blue Brindle Louie is 19" Tall / 40lbs  Genetic testing has been done on Louie - because he has Boston Terrier in him which creates the smaller frame, we have tested him as being a Boxer and a Boston Terrier.  The following tests have been done:

   Degenerative Myelopathy Mutation  - n/n

   HSF-4 hereditary cataracts mutation - n/n

   ARVC mutation - n/n

   Hyperuricosuria - n/n

   Also!!!  Louie had an echocardiogram done - and     is 100% no abnormalities!!

LSC Louie Blue is the result of many years of dedication to developing this Designer breed by Sarah of Lsc Miniature Boxers, in Lavina, Mt.  I was very fortunate that they agreed to sell me Louie with Breeding rights!  Proof is in the Genetics as you will see below, you can't get any better than Louie!