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Miniature Boxer

LSC Louie Blue


LSC Louie Blue is the result of many years of dedication to developing this Designer breed by Sarah of Lsc Miniature Boxers, in Lavina, Mt.  I was very fortunate that they agreed to sell me Louie with Breeding rights!  Proof is in the Genetics as you will see below, you can't get any better than Louie!

LSC Louie Blue - Louie is an unusual color Golden Blue Brindle Louie is 19" Tall / 40lbs  Genetic testing has been done on Louie - because he has Boston Terrier in him which creates the smaller frame, we have tested him as being a Boxer and a Boston Terrier.  The following tests have been done:

   Degenerative Myelopathy Mutation  - n/n

   HSF-4 hereditary cataracts mutation - n/n

   ARVC mutation - n/n

   Hyperuricosuria - n/n

   Also!!!  Louie had an echocardiogram done - and     is 100% no abnormalities!!

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